support skill down

Support Skills

When I was training to be a detector dog handler we didn’t teach any obedience-type support skills. No sit, no down, come or drop. It was thought that if the dog was being asked to do something specific that she would do that to the detriment of her detection work. The classic example was walking …

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too much makes Ella hid under her blanket

Too much, too soon

I love the idea of dog camps. Events where you can either try out all sorts of different activities or concentrate on one over a number of days. But when I see scentwork events where the dog is being asked to chop and change from session to session or day to day, it makes my …

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child and friendly terrier

Child friendly?

My first official rescue dog Megan, loved children. I say official because Megan was the first dog who I adopted from a rescue centre. Previously I had actually rescued a tiny pup who I found wandering around an industrial estate near my local, at the time, train station. But I’ll tell you more about Toby …

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decisions to roll in fox poo

Decisions, decisions

Scrolling through Facebook, I came upon a post from a first time dog owner looking for help with her young dog. What made the post catch my eye was that she had chosen an unusual breed and now was at her wits end because the dog wasn’t what she expected. I feel like I am …

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