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the scentwork mice

The scentwork mice played an important part in our history. These furry little toys were the perfect size and material for introducing 1000’s of dogs to the skill of searching for a specific scent. Each of the mice, be they grey, brown and white, became firm favourites with everybody.

The soft squishy feel combined with the novelty of the mice made them irresistible to dogs who love to play. From tiny terriers who shook them hard, to loveable giants who liked to carry them around. They all wanted their own mice.


They had many famous fans too! Scentwork selfies with these wonderful rodents were much sought after, with trainers and celebs all striking a pose with the critters. Russell Howard did a full five minutes on stage with what turned out to be a rather foul mouthed mouse tossed to him by one of my trainers! Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Anthony Head was charmed by them. And a little grey mouse brought a smile to Chris Packham.  

Plus the great and the good of dog training and behaviour were all delighted, and sometimes bemused, to make their acquaintance. From high profile names like Victoria Stilwell and Ian Dunbar. To pioneers of our industry like Bob Bailey and Ray Coppinger. Home grown talent like Chirag Patel and Sarah Whitehead and those from around the world, including Denise Fenzi and Jaak Panksepp, all adored the mice. I’ve included a small selection below of the many snaps that were collected by the mice (and their fearless accomplices who took the photos)

Tragically in 2019 Ikea stopped making these wonderful, hard working creatures. With only a few left in circulation these now rare rodents will always hold a special place in my heart. I have my own stash that I still use at workshops. But once they’re gone . . . 

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