Talking Dogs Scentwork®

turn your pet dog into a detector dog

Talking Dogs Scentwork®

Where your dog’s favourite pastime becomes your favourite activity

channel your dog's natural ability

enhance your relationship

become a real team

Achieve all this just by
teaching your dog
to search for a specific scent

By engaging with your dog in an activity that she already loves, sniffing,  you can quickly help your dog to pay more attention to you, to be able to concentrate and in turn feel tired and relaxed. Calm dogs live longer (stress has been shown to be detrimental to the health of dogs and people), are happier and are more rewarding companions. Whatever you are looking for, be it help to focus your dog, help her to adore you rather than ignore you or simply teach your dog a fabulous skill for fun, I have the scentwork skills, experience and courses to help you reach your goals.

Talking Dogs Scentwork® offers a non-competitive way to have fun with your dog and tire her out positively and quickly. This can be done at many levels. From letting her work alone while you watch from the sofa  through to you both being actively involved covering larger, more challenging areas. I will take your relationship with your dog to new levels, helping her to engage with you, far beyond scentwork.

Lynda’s feedback says it all:

“Talking Dogs Scentwork® has given me a better connection with my springer. It’s given him more confidence, more focus and more importantly he just loves it. Best thing I have ever done with him.”

What an amazing day! Rosie and Monty had a fabulous day and they both totally exceeded anything I could have expected from them. I am super proud of them both. I learned so much too and have lots of ideas to work with at home. The workshop had a lovely relaxed feel to it with loads of opportunities to ask questions, get involved and you made sure everyone got the most out of the day.
Scentwork spaniel searches chair
Jan, Rosie & Monty
A huge thank you for a the fantastic workshop this weekend. The whole weekend was entertaining and informative and as for my nervous reactive boy well that was amazing. He copes in most situations now, if he is ignored and not pressured he will happily ignore the world, but today was something else, he could not wait to get into that room and he wasn't just coping he loved it and grew in confidence so much. I am grateful that you welcomed him along and made sure all dogs and owners felt comfortable. Thank you so much
Scentwork springer
Sharon & Harry
What a great day! Superb masterclass focusing on the handling skills which need to be developed to enhance the scentwork partnership given by Pam of Talking Dogs Scentwork®. The atmosphere was supportive, friendly and reflective ensuring feedback was both constructive and thought provoking resulting in some key changes for some of us . Buffy had a ball!
Scentwork malinois Buffy
Allyson & Buffy
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