Talking Dogs Scentwork®

Handling Position Infographics Set


Set of 7 infographics showing where the handler should be during the search. Great resource for scentwork trainers to use to support their clients.

Helping clients figure out where they should be in relation to their dog can be tricky. I designed these graphics to use with my own clients so I know they will help your clients too.

Each of the 7 downloadable and printable graphics shows the handler position for both left and right handed handlers. Easily see where to be during on or off lead searches. Easily learn which direction to move whether searching in a straight line or a circle, perimeter or interior, corners or zigzag patterns. Plus why handler position is so important.

This is a great resource for trainers to handout in class, use as posters at training venues, laminate or use in presentations. Colourful enough to stand out, but with a white background to make it easier to print. Also great for non-trainers to stick on your fridge to help you remember where you should be at all times during your searches.

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