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Scentwork Trainer Subscription Scheme

Be part of the company that has always been at the forefront of scentwork

You want the security of being affiliated to the first national (GB) scentwork providers specialising in teaching pet dogs, run by someone who has been both a professional detector dog handler and has dedicated her life to teaching dog training to fellow trainers and pet owners alike, and has never compromised, always putting the welfare of the dog above all else. Talking Dogs Scentwork® has an impeccable reputation and this is your chance to be right at the heart of what we do, spreading the scentwork love to more dogs, more people, more scentwork teams. We know how useful scentwork training can be. Not just a joyful activity that people and dogs can participate in together, but as a tool for building relationships, confidence and engagement. Supporting scentwork teams as they learn how to use their dogs’ innate scenting talent to best effect is one of the most important gifts you can offer. And with increasing numbers of clients wanting to learn about scentwork, this is a great time to step forward and show what you know.

You deserve to be part of this story, to make your mark and get the recognition you’ve worked so hard for. No matter what country you are in, where you are on your training journey, you will find a home here. Don’t hesitate, pick your tier and click the button.

Good things are waiting for you on the other side!

I’m here to support you wherever you are in your training journey. You might be making tentative steps to introducing some starter scentwork into your classes, you might be ready to offer next level sessions using search plans and coaching great handling skills, or you might be at the top of your game ready to offer the full set of Talking Dogs Scentwork® workshops. With three tiers for you to choose from, I’m ready to help you reach your scentwork goals.  

Join our trainer Scheme today!

I know you want to find out more about what the scheme offers, how you qualify and what steps to take next. Just click the button to get all the information you need. 

what do trainers say?
Pam has a wealth of knowledge in dog behaviour and is the absolute go-to person for all things scentwork. She truly is a leading expert on teaching dogs how to search for particular scents. Therefore, as a trainer myself, there's no other organisation I'd rather be associated with for teaching pet dogs scentwork than Talking Dogs Scentwork®. Teaching workshops and classes (online and in-person) for TDS has been a pleasure and a wonderful way to open pet dog owners' eyes to how amazing their dogs are.
Louise Burns
Happiest Hounds dog training
My training ethos has always been about having fun and creating a strong relationship between dog and owner. I have never been interested in any training discipline focusing on a competitive element - especially when I can see how detrimental that can sometimes be to the dog/owner relationship and the impact it can have on the dog's ability to enjoy the activity. With more and more scentwork training providers and activities to choose from, Talking Dogs Scentwork® continues to align with the goals and ethos of my business and I am very proud to call myself an Elite trainer.
Nicole Harris
paws off
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