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Real life

Half asleep, I open one groggy eye to see Ettie’s every adorable little face beaming at me, willing me to wake up. I smile back, vaguely aware of something else on the bed. She looks down and as I follow her gaze, I see that she had brought me some treasure. A dead mouse. So …

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Clarity is the name of the game

Everybody uses jargon. Families have their own specific words and phrases that they use when together, often without realising it until an outsider looks puzzled. Workplaces have their own shorthand, even making acronyms from jargon, an extra layer for those not in the know to learn. And every profession has it’s own jargon, mine being …

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Scentwork terrier watches courses point

Change takes work

Thank you so much for the response to my blog posts. The last one on Ettie’s undesirable barking around other dogs received a strong response. I know that this is not an uncommon issue and one that can cause people considerable embarrassment and concern. Barking is such an antisocial behaviour, and so noticeable, that it …

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