setting out a search to teach Purdey to ask for help

Setting out a search

Anyone who has seen me setting out a search at a workshop knows how seriously I take it. Boxes are moved a couple of centimetres to the left or right. Baskets are moved so that they are further apart. Chairs are carefully positioned to ensure they do the job. And that’s the crux of it …

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looking at broken down van

Can’t see for looking!

Have you ever searched so hard for something but couldn’t find it, only for someone else to walk into the room and show you that what you were looking for was right in front of you? So frustrating, right? The harder you look, the more you don’t see what you’re looking for. I experienced this …

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dog waiting for routine hometime

Routine v reliability

People often say that dogs love routine. But I disagree. Routine is boring. Humdrum. The same walks at the same time every day can be tedious for all concerned. I see folks walking their dogs past my window at the same times every day. (I also see horses being ridden past the window at the …

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