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You want to turn your pet dog into a detector dog? Perfect, I’m happy to help. I’ve got two main options for you, online or in-person, so pick which suits you best. You can of course mix and match the two.  

scentwork team happy owner delighted that her little chihuahua has located the scentwork article
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learn online

My online scentwork school is perfect if you can’t travel, don’t have access to any trainers or workshops close by, have a dog who prefers to work away from others in a more familiar environment, if you want to revise or expand on what you learned at a workshop or class or if you simply prefer to learn in the comfort of your own home.  

learn at workshops

Our workshops and classes are held all around the UK. All trainers using the Taking Dogs Scentwork® method of scentwork training will offer you first class support and advice that will get your dog sniffing in no time at all. Work through our 1 day workshops, Scent 1 – Scent 6, building skills and experience as you go. Or attend classes to learn in shorter chunks on a weekly or monthly basis. Pick whichever suits you and your dog best. 

scentwork team man is happy that his golden retriever has found the stash
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