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Scent 6 - Handler Accreditation

Talking Dogs Scentwork® Handler Accreditation is designed to give you, the handler, a benchmark achievement. A certification to show just how much you have learned about scentwork. As you go through your scentwork journey, you often do not realise just how many skills and how much knowledge you are acquiring along the way. Scent 6 is a wonderful way to see just how far you’ve come. 

It’s important to point out that this accreditation is all about you. This is not about testing your dog’s skills. It’s about gauging the handler’s skills. Too often the poor dog is the subject of trials and tests when in fact they always do their best. This is dependent on what their handler has taught them and how much practise they’ve had and experience they’ve gained. We, the handlers, are our dogs’ best assets when it comes to scentwork. We can make or, sadly, break them. So striving to be your dog’s strongest and most effect scentwork ally is a goal well worth achieving.

You can attend Scent 6 in-person just as you have in Scent 1-5. Or you can do it online where you will be assessed by me (Pam)

Benefits of Accreditation

You get detailed feedback on your searches 

You understand just how much you have learned by reaching this momentous benchmark

Accredited Handlers will be eligible to join the Talking Dogs Scentwork® Trainer Subscription Scheme on the Professional Trainer tier. You will also have access to Accredited Handler clothing.


My very strong recommendation is that you do not attempt this course until you have completed Scent 1-5. And/or completed the Detector Dog School courses Teach your dog to sniff, Scentwork skills, Baggage searches and Increasing the challenge (more cost effective to enrol on the Super Sniffer Bundle) Also study the TDS manual ‘Detector Dog’ written by me, Pam Mackinnon. Without the skills and knowledge gained through those courses and reading, it is highly unlikely that you will achieve Talking Dogs Scentwork® Handler Accreditation. But with them you will be ready to go for it!

Choose your workshop according to which venue and date suits you best. Most workshops run from 10am-4.30pm.

Scent 6 workshops are generally hosted and run by our Talking Dogs Scentwork® Elite Trainers. Please click on the contact links under your chosen workshop to get full details. Please scroll down to see our scheduled Scent 6’s.

This is it, the culmination of all your hard work. An important crossroads in your scentwork journey. Achieving Handler Accreditation could be the next step to becoming a scentwork Trainer. Or it could be a glorious celebration of all that you and your dog have achieved. Scent 6 isn’t the end. Scent 6 shows you that you can search wherever and whatever you want, you have the understanding of how to support your dog, set up exciting searches and be confident in your skills. I’m proud of you! 



Just like everyone who has had their lives and businesses impacted by Covid-19, we have had to adapt in order to keep you and us safe. Many workshops were cancelled but we are beginning to add new workshops as and when it is safe to do so. All workshops will be managed according to the guidelines so that we can stay Covid-19 safe.  



Date to be announced


Date to be announced

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