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Scent 2 - Handling Skills

This is your follow up to Scent 1 and builds on the skills you and your dog learned at that workshop. Scent 2 concentrates on building the skills of you, the handler, which are so crucial to the enjoyment and effectiveness of your dog.  

You will also learn the essential skills that allow you and your dog to increase the challenge of your searches. Teaching your dog to work close to you in order to search thoroughly and methodically (directed searches) and bringing in search plans are skills that you will use in every subsequent search.  

With these skills you will be able to search for longer, locate multiple finds and begin to work at height.

Building on the foundation searches, this day concentrates on the human element of the search team while still adding to your dog’s scentwork prowess. Take home notes will help remind you of what you learned. 


This workshop is open to all handlers who have completed S1 as a handler and/or the Teach Your Dog to Sniff online course

Choose your workshop according to which venue and date suits you best. Most workshops run from 10am-4.30pm.

Workshops are often hosted, which means you book with the host who organises and runs the event, while a Talking Dogs Scentwork® Elite Trainer delivers the workshop on the day. Our Elite Trainers also run their own workshops. Prices vary according to area, so please click on the contact links under your chosen workshop to get full details. Please scroll down to see our scheduled Scent 2’s.

This second stop on your scentwork journey really opens the doors to all that scentwork can offer. An essential workshop that you won’t want to miss. 



Just like everyone who has had their lives and businesses impacted by Covid-19, we have had to adapt in order to keep you and us safe. Many workshops were cancelled.  While we were beginning to add new workshops and even managed to run some, current rules mean that it’s unlikely to have any in-person workshops until 2021. Be assured, we will reschedule as soon as it is safe to do so. All workshops will be managed according to the guidelines so that we can stay Covid-19 safe.  Why not get a head start by continuing your scentwork journey with us online.

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