Talking Dogs Scentwork®

Water Searches online course


Add a new element to your scentwork searches

Just imagine if your dog could sniff the water and tell you that her target scent was underneath.

Stop imagining, start searching!

Really! Your dog, your companion, your couch potato can actually find scent hidden underwater thanks to this new course. As ever, no expensive or fancy equipment is required. And these searches are suitable for all dogs, all breed types, all ages, searching for any scent, e.g. catnip or cheese.

If your dog doesn’t like to get her paws wet, no worries. Water searches teach the dog to detect scent that has risen to the surface of the water. So there’s no need for her, or you for that matter, to get in the water at all.

But if your dog is a water lover, then you can take these searches out of the garden and into the wild! Trips to the beach can now include your dog’s favourite activity – sniffing! No longer will she be confined to the sand, now she can search the sea itself.

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