Talking Dogs Scentwork®

Support Skills online course


Your dog doesn’t need to know anything to start Talking Dogs Scentwork®
Literally no pre-trained skills are required!

But . . . some exercises can enhance your dog’s performance, make the whole process more efficient, and make you and your dog’s lives easier. Improving mutual communication and understanding is always advantageous both while you’re engaged in scentwork and in your day to day interactions.

  • No more chasing around if she picks up random items during the search
  • No more prising the scented article from your dog’s jaws
  • No more worrying that your dog will run away during off lead searches
  • No more frantic catches as your dog launches off platforms
  • No more tense searches wondering if your dog is going to run off

I use these valuable skills every day with my own dogs. They help us live together as a pretty harmonious mixed species family (2 humans, 6 dogs and 1 cat) For example:

  • Drop and retrieve help prevent guarding behaviour
  • Leave helps stop my dogs from eating waste on walks
  • Recall gives the dogs freedom and helps keep them fit
  • Stay let’s me open the front door without them running into the street

And learning and practising them all keeps the dogs, and me, mentally and physically stimulated, strengthens our relationships and helps us communicate effectively thus avoiding frustration and misunderstandings.

This course can be taken at any time during your scentwork journey.

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