Talking Dogs Scentwork®

Super Scentwork Subscription


An access all areas subscription. This gives you access all my Detector Dog School courses and resources. Plus exclusive content. Over £1500 worth of content for just £30p/m!

As a Super Scentwork Subscriber member you will have access to all of my courses for as long as you are subscribed. Enrolling on these courses would cost you over £1500 and I can’t even begin to quantify the value of all their content!

These courses offer in-depth tutorials on scentwork techniques, insight into why and how the Talking Dogs Scentwork system works and how to develop your own working style suitable for you and your dog. There are topic oriented courses that teach you how to search vehicles, baggage, water, and for lost keys. Step-by-step demonstrations help you build skill, and intermediate-to-advanced students can benefit from the hours of teaching designed to help teams transition to independence and self-confidence. The full list of courses is below.

You will also have access to all of the downloadable resources I have developed. This ‘done for you’ library of resources includes infographics, trackers, guides and books. I’m always adding new resources which you will have access to the minute they’re available – and at no extra cost.

Your subscription price stays the same whenever I add new courses and resources. So the longer you subscribe, the more value you’ll receive. Now that’s a win-win situation if ever I saw one!

Oh, and did I mention the exclusive content? I will be making resources and content just for you. From specific subscriber requests to compilations and brand new materials, all only available to Super Scentwork Subscribers. Talk about the icing on the cake!

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