Talking Dogs Scentwork®

Stay at Home Scentwork online course


Can’t leave home?

Worried about limiting your dog’s exercise?

Anxious about your dog becoming stressed?

Keen to avoid your dog becoming bored?

Bored dogs chews more, bark more, get under your feet more!


Scentwork to the rescue!


Scentwork provides positive mental stimulation.

In other words it gives your dog something fun to think about and pleasurable to do. To have a happily tired and relaxed dog makes for a happier home life.

You can achieve this without having to leave your home.

Come with me as I work in different areas around a home, teaching your new skills, plus lots of tips and techniques that will enhance and inform any search.

“I have really enjoyed the content of the course especially as we are confined to our house. Even though we have done some practical courses you never stop learning and there are so many useful tips to learn to make sure the searches are challenging yet fun for the dogs. It builds such a bond with you and your dog. Thank you.”  Helen

Choose this course if your dog can already search for a target scent. If you’ve not taught that yet, go for the Stay at Home Scentwork Bundle to learn right from the very beginning.

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