Talking Dogs Scentwork®

Stay at Home Scentwork Bundle – 3 online courses


This bundle will give you all you need to teach your dog scentwork from scratch at home! Plus you will save ££££££ v buying each course individually.

I will help you work through each course using video lectures, downloadable handouts and even graded quizzes. And before you know it, your pet dog will be sniffing like a detector dog, all without leaving your home!

To get the most from each course, work through the bundle in this order:

1. Teach your Dog to Sniff!

2. Scentwork Skills

3. Stay at Home Scentwork

If you’re stuck at home, for whatever reason, this bundle is the answer for dogs overflowing with mental and physical energy without you having to buy lots of specialist equipment or spend hours training every day. I know, how great is that?! So come on, you can do this. We can do this. Together!

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