Talking Dogs Scentwork®

Senior Scentwork online course


You can teach an old dog new tricks! Giving our oldies the opportunity to continue to exercise their brains gives them continued quality of life. Rather than retiring them to the scrap heap, you can experience the joy of seeing their delight at finding hidden treasures.

Scentwork is super for senior dogs. This activity is low impact, builds confidence, provides positive mental stimulation. It is suitable for all abilities/disabilities. It helps seniors acquire new skills. And most of all, it brings pleasure! This short course shares ideas and techniques for using scentwork to enhance the life your senior dog, just as I did with my old lady dog Megan who appears in the lectures.

And for those who like to dig a little deeper, our second lecture takes you through the current research on how olfaction is affected by ageing.

Your dog doesn’t need to know anything before starting this course.

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