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S2 – Handling Skills


Ignore the warning at the top of the page, you CAN purchase Scent 2, just not on this page. Although this is no longer available in DVD format, you can rent or buy this online for immediate download by clicking here 

This is a follow up to Scent 1: Learning to sniff! and is the second in a series of 3 ‘how to’ guides. Scent 2 is all about learning great handling skills so that you can help your dog excel and expand her scentwork expertise. The skills and techniques in this second part are the vital components of all your future searches making this a must have resource.

Handling is a much neglected area of scentwork, but it is every bit as important as teaching your dog to sniff out a specific scent. This video looks at handling issues and how to avoid them, introduces more detailed searches (directed) and tools that will allow you to search for longer and with more challenge using a search plan. I also help you to keep your dog safe by using the correct harness.

I use real life clips from my workshops, featuring over 20 different breeds, so that I can coach you through problems, provide solutions and help you become a great handler.

You can buy this dvd for download, or you can rent it. 

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