Talking Dogs Scentwork®

S1 – Learning to sniff! (Download)


Teach your dog to search for a specific scent.

This download is the first in a set of 3. In Scent 1, I will teach you how to teach your pet dog how to search for scent for fun. This method is suitable for all breed-types and ages of dog, and neither dog nor handler need any previous experience. This download is absolutely perfect for beginners just starting out in scentwork.

I, Pam Mackinnon, founder and director of Talking Dogs Scentwork®, will start you and your dog off on your scentwork journey, coaching you both every step of the way. I demonstrate how to teach an active indication so that you know your dog has found the target scent and set up simple starter searches for scented toys or for food, depending on what your dog would like to find. Also included are quick guides to how the dog’s nose works and how scent works.

Running time approx 49 minutes

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Weight 105 g
Dimensions 14 × 1.5 × 19 cm

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