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Puppy scentwork is specifically designed to give you the skills to teach your puppy to sniff out a specific scent for fun. By getting the foundations correct right from the start of training, you will prevent problems and sessions will be clear and successful. Teaching your puppy to listen, pay attention, respond to you and most importantly have fun with you will lay the foundations for a great, lifelong relationship together. Scentwork helps your puppy overcome fears, such as walking past traffic, being around children and other animals and cope in new environments, such as the veterinary practice or the park. And is wonderful for those scary off lead times when you are teaching your pup to give you attention, come back when called and to stay near you. Having the confidence to know how to play the scentwork game can give you confidence which in turn gives your puppy confidence. Win-win!

In this course I take you through how to introduce a scented article to your pup, give puppy specific training tips and set you off on your starter searches. Next step searches show you how to introduce new areas for your puppy to search, both indoors and outdoors. Plus I show you how to start some directed searches with your pup. A gentle introduction to building concentration and to using the handler to make the search more efficient and productive.

I round this course off with the science of how puppies use scent, and how and when it develops. Lots of fascinating insights into just how key scent is for our dogs right from the start.

Your puppy doesn’t need to know anything before starting this course. Got for it!

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