Talking Dogs Scentwork®

Masterclass – SAS Handling Skills online course


“I don’t want to let my dog down.” I can’t tell you how often I hear handlers saying this.

Not knowing where to go or getting in your dog’s way, interrupting the dog when she’s working, or not knowing what to do when she asks for help are common handler concerns. And rightly so. Handlers can make or break a search and understanding how and why is the difference between just being your dog’s chauffeur and being her team mate.

I believe that the role of the handler is too often under-estimated, to the detriment of the dog and the search. That feeling of euphoria when you come out from a search and you know you’ve done a great job is addictive. Knowing that you’ve truly worked with your dog, that you have searched the area together, team mates working in harmony with each other, that’s why I love scentwork. And that’s why you’ll love this course.

Choose this course at any stage of your scentwork journey.

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