Talking Dogs Scentwork®

Masterclass – Indications online course


“Help – my dog can find the scent but I can’t tell when!”

“I can’t see the changes in her behaviour. And if I do spot a change I don’t know what my dog is telling me!”

Learning to talk dog is crucial to scentwork, and to all aspects of our lives with dogs. Misunderstanding that ‘guilty’ look, or not recognising when you dog is scared has real life impacts on your relationship with your dog. And scentwork is no different. All too often I hear handlers saying that they can’t see their dog’s indications. They can’t spot when the dog has found the target scent. This leaves the dogs unsupported and the handlers frustrated.

Masterclasses are where we get to drill down into specific areas of scentwork. Recognising indications and understanding what our dogs are telling us while they are working is crucial to the efficiency and effectiveness of the scentwork team. Indications are made up of multiple signals which often happen fast and change quickly. Whether your dog gives a passive or an active indication, not being able to respond appropriately to what your dog is telling you can result in the dog shutting down the conversation, shutting down the scentwork game and shutting you out. I will show you how to identify which signals are and are not indications, how to distinguish interest and investigation from indication and because every dog is an individual, understand how to tailor your behaviour to support different dogs.

This course is suitable for everyone who wants to understand canine body language better.

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