Talking Dogs Scentwork®

Increasing the Challenge online course


Now that you and your dog are addicted to scentwork, how do you increase the challenge without decreasing the fun?

Your dog has learned to search for a specific scent, you have learned how to use the search plan and now you are ready to increase the challenge. But how?

Your dog finds the scented article before you’ve had a chance to participate, frustrating!

Never worry, I’m here to help keep you both on track, keep the teamwork strong, maintain the attention and response you’ve already fostered and open up searches so that you can do them anytime, anywhere.

In this course I detail multiple methods for increasing the challenge, from working outdoors to searching for more than one find, making the scent picture smaller to conducting blank searches. The lectures take you through how to use these techniques to build you and your dog’s search skills to allow you to search for longer and find scented articles in a greater variety of hides. Video lectures showing a variety of breeds, downloadable handouts, graded quizzes and more will take your searches to the next level. On completion you will receive a graduation certificate. And you’ll have a brilliant scentwork dog!


Choose this course once you’ve graduated from the Essential Scentwork Skills course. 

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