Talking Dogs Scentwork®

Essential Scentwork Skills online course


Yay, you’re ready to move up a level! You’ve taught your dog how to find a specific scent, but what now?

How do you develop concentration?

How to you build teamwork?

How do you succeed together?

Simple – you enrol on this course!


I know that you want to be able to search exciting places but still keep your dog safe from harm.

And I know that you want your dog to work in more detail but keep searching fun, but you’re not sure of how best to achieve that.

I even know that you want to be able to search for longer and be more efficient, but don’t know how to do that.


Never worry, I know how to help you achieve all that. I walk you through all these issues, sharing my knowledge and experience. I’ll show you the most effective techniques to make every search more effective, more efficient and most importantly, more exciting! These essential skills will be used in every future search. Essential by name and essential by nature.

Enrol on this course after you’ve graduated from the Teach Your Dog to Sniff, Puppy Scentwork or Senior Scentwork courses. 

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