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I want to teach my dog to search for scent

"The expert in anything was once a beginner." - Helen Hayes


Teach Your Dog to Sniff!

This course teaches you how to harness your dog’s natural ability to sniff and to use this skill to improve your life, and your dog’s life. By engaging with your dog in an activity that she already loves you can quickly help your dog to pay more attention to you, to be able to concentrate and in turn feel tired and relaxed. Calm dogs live longer (stress has been shown to be detrimental to the health of dogs and people), are happier and are more rewarding companions.

I know it can be scary to set a new goal. Would I be wrong to say that dog training isn’t as easy as it looks? I have taught so many dogs and coached so many people that this training method has been tested and honed to within an inch of it’s life. I know you can do it and I know that your dog will love it!

I’ve designed this course to allow all dogs to learn how to search for a specific scent for fun. This means that all advice is positive reward based, designed to help all dogs, whether food or toy oriented, no matter their age or breed type, and requires zero prior training or scentwork experience. Really – your dog doesn’t have to know anything before learning how to sniff for a specific scent.

Puppy Scentwork

Puppy scentwork is specifically designed to give you the skills to teach your puppy to sniff out a specific scent for fun. By getting the foundations correct right from the start of training, you will prevent problems and sessions will be clear and successful. Teaching your puppy to listen, pay attention, respond to you and most importantly have fun with you will lay the foundations for a great, lifelong relationship together. Scentwork helps your puppy overcome fears and cope in new environments. Having the confidence to know how to play the scentwork game can give you confidence which in turn gives your puppy confidence. Win-win!

Senior Scentwork

Scentwork is super for senior dogs. It is low impact, builds confidence, provides positive mental stimulation, is suitable for all abilities/disabilities, it helps seniors acquire new skills and most of all, it brings pleasure! This short course shares ideas and techniques for using scentwork to enhance the life your senior dog, just as I did with my old lady dog Megan who appears in the lectures.


Super Sniffer Bundle

This bundle will take you and your dog from complete novices to seasoned scentworkers. Plus, by enrolling on our 5 core course bundle you will save a massive £132!

I will help you work through each course through lectures, videos, downloadable handouts and graded quizzes. And before you know it, you will have turned your pet dog into a detector dog.

  1. Teach your dog to sniff!
  2. Essential Scentwork Skills
  3. Increasing the Challenge
  4. Baggage Searches
  5. Vehicle Searches

Stay at Home Scentwork Bundle

This bundle will give you all you need to teach your dog scentwork from scratch at home! Plus you will save £90!

With many more weeks of social distancing on the cards, this bundle is the answer to dogs overflowing with mental and physical energy without you having to buy lots of specialist equipment or spend hours training every day. I know, how great is that?! So come on, you can do this. We can do this. Together!

To get the most from each course, work through the bundle in this order:

  1. Teach your Dog to Sniff!
  2. Essential Scentwork Skills
  3. Stay at Home Scentwork

I want to improve our skills

The core skills that you will use in every search

Essential Scentwork Skills

Once you’re dog has learned the basics, it’s time for the essential scentwork skills that you will use in every search.

  • You’ve taught your dog how to find a specific scent, but what now?
  • You want to be able to search exciting places but still keep your dog safe from harm.
  • You want your dog to work in more detail but keep searching fun, but you’re not sure of how best to achieve that.
  • You want to be able to search for longer and be more efficient, but don’t know how to do that.

Never worry, I will walk you through all these stages, sharing my knowledge and experience, showing you the most effective techniques to help both you and your dog to turbo charge your searches.

Support Skills

Your dog doesn’t need to know anything to start Talking Dogs Scentwork® Literally no pre-trained skills are required!

But . . . some exercises can enhance your dog’s performance, make the whole process more efficient, and make you and your dog’s lives easier. Improving mutual communication and understanding is always advantageous both while you’re engaged in scentwork and in your day to day interactions.

Let me take you through how to teach these super useful, some may say essential, skills.

Plus I’ve added two bonuses to this course. You get ‘Jackpot’ my best selling guide to using food in training. And I’m giving you a bonus video lesson to learn how to teach the three basic positions: Sit, Stand and Down. This gives you a fantastic all encompassing course, without having to attend a single class.

Masterclass - SAS Handling Skills

“I don’t want to let my dog down.” I can’t tell you how often I hear handlers saying this.

Not knowing where to go or getting in your dog’s way, interrupting the dog when she’s working, or not knowing what to do when she asks for help are common handler concerns. And rightly so. Handlers can make or break a search and understanding how and why is the difference between just being your dog’s chauffeur and being her team mate.

I believe that the role of the handler is too often under-estimated, to the detriment of the dog and the search. That feeling of euphoria when you come out from a search and you know you’ve done a great job is addictive. Knowing that you’ve truly worked with your dog, that you have searched the area together, team mates working in harmony with each other, that’s why I love scentwork. And that’s why you’ll love this course.

Design the Perfect Search

Searches are about so much more than tiring your dog out or filling time. They are an opportunity to increase your dog’s concentration, improve her confidence and enhance the teamwork between you and your dog.

You can meet challenges and solve problems simply by designing smart scentwork searches. Setting realistic and appropriate goals are the best way to achieve scentwork success.

You don’t need to worry. I know that setting out a scentwork search isn’t as simple as it seems. Neither is hiding the scented articles. But now you don’t have to leave things to chance. Or rely on guesswork.

In this course I will help you make great choices that will help your scentwork team enjoy every single search. Packed with great resources and so many ideas for designing your searches, you’ll be able to make scentwork really work for you and your dog.


Skill Builder Bundle

The more you work with your dog, the more skills you’ll want. You need to know how to make a search last longer. Identify goals and learn how to hide articles in just the right place. How to keep track of what you’ve searched. When to step in to help your dog and when to stop and observe. Being able to work your dog off lead and for her to bring you back the scented article makes life so much easier. You can learn all these skills in this bundle of 4 courses:

Plus you will save £73!

Courses included in this bundle are:

  • Essential Scentwork Skills
  • Support Skills
  • Masterclass – SAS Handling Skills
  • Design the Perfect Search

I want to increase the search challenge

Increasing the Challenge

Now that you and your dog are addicted to scentwork, how do you increase the challenge without decreasing the fun?

Your dog has learned to search for a specific scent, you have learned how to use the search plan and now you are ready to increase the challenge. But how?

Your dog finds the scented article before you’ve had a chance to participate, frustrating!

Never worry, I’m here to help keep you both on track, keep the teamwork strong, maintain the attention and response you’ve already fostered and open up searches so that you can do them anytime, anywhere.

Stay at Home Scentwork

  • Can’t leave home?
  • Worried about limiting your dog’s exercise?
  • Anxious about your dog becoming stressed?
  • Keen to avoid your dog becoming bored?
  • Bored dogs chews more, bark more, get under your feet more!

Scentwork to the rescue!

Scentwork provides positive mental stimulation. In other words it gives your dog something fun to think about and pleasurable to do. To have a happily tired and relaxed dog makes for a happier home life.

You can achieve this without having to leave your home.

"Have loved doing the scentwork courses. This one was excellent as you see Pam doing the searches with her own dogs. It gives you a great insight to handling skills and gave me lots of creative ideas."

Sarah Stupart, Stay at Home Scentwork

I want to learn specialist searches

New searches, specific skills

By presenting my topic specific courses in one bundle I’ve made it easier than ever for you to build on your skills and expand your scentwork repertoire. This bundle puts together four courses:

How to teach your dog to search . . .




Lost Keys

So often, training becomes repetitive and boring. But by clever use of single topic courses you can practise the techniques and exercises that will impact all of your scentwork training. Directed searches practised through searching baggage and vehicles is more fun that just searching the same old boxes again and again. I will help your dog to work with you not against you. I’ll show you how to foster cooperation and partnership. Once your dog understands your role in her searches you will both become more confident and successful.

Vehicle Searches

Nowhere to train? No time to set up searches? Keep your dog busy and engaged with vehicle searches. Instant, compact but interesting search areas that travel with you!

Search specific skills are a great way to add to your scentwork skillset and have even more fun working with your dog. Vehicle searches provide a great first outdoor search for your dog. And help you learn how to read your dog. As the air movement around the vehicles changes the scent picture, so you will learn how best to respond to your dog.

An remember, the huge benefit in searching vehicles is that you can do it wherever you may be. You don’t need lots of equipment or space. You just need your car, your dog, some scented articles and off you go!

Baggage Searches

Does your dog do everything at top speed? Does she lack concentration and self control? How would it feel to be able to set up an activity where she learns these skills for herself? Baggage searches give your dog the opportunity to sniff for rewards (which you KNOW she loves to do!), and find out that if she is too fast, too distracted she simply won’t find what she wants.

As an added bonus, I’ve included a lecture on searching postal bags. These woven bags and their contents require a skill of their own. Learn how to pack the bags and how your content choice can affect the search. Bag layout and article choice can take the search from beginner to expert level in a jiffy!

Yet another search to add to your skillset.

Scentwork Water Searches

Just imagine if your dog could sniff the water and tell you that her target scent was underneath.

Stop imagining, start searching!

Really! Your dog, your companion, your couch potato can actually find scent hidden underwater thanks to this new course. As ever, no expensive or fancy equipment is required. And these searches are suitable for all dogs, all breed types, all ages, searching for any scent, e.g. catnip or cheese.

If your dog doesn’t like to get her paws wet, no worries. Water searches teach the dog to detect scent that has risen to the surface of the water. So there’s no need for her, or you for that matter, to get in the water at all.

But if your dog is a water lover, then you can take these searches out of the garden and into the wild! Trips to the beach can now include your dog’s favourite activity – sniffing! No longer will she be confined to the sand, now she can search the sea itself.

Key Search

Teach your dog to be your emergency back-up!

Don’t get stranded!
Don’t get locked out of your home or car!

You never plan to lose your keys, but now you can make a plan to find them. Teach your dog to find your lost keys! And your dropped phone, wallet, inhaler!

A priceless skill that could save you time & money.

Enrol on the 'How to teach your dog to search . . . bundle today

I want to teach scentwork

"Teaching is a great way to keep learning." - Matthea Harvey

How to Teach Scentwork

Teaching scentwork to pet dogs and their people requires a very specific skill set. Unlike Police or Forces handlers, your clients come with a variety of breed types, none of which have been specially selected to be scentwork dogs, but all of whom can give the professionals a run for their money given half a chance! Your job is to bring out the detector dog in every pet dog that walks into your training hall.

Never before have I shared the secrets that have made Talking Dogs Scentwork® trainers the best in the business. But I share your passion, I want every dog to be a detector dog and you want to train them. Together we can help each other reach our goals.

This course helps you learn how to give constructive, useful and empathic feedback that really helps your learners feel supported. Using video examples, this unique course will help you teach every scentwork team, not just experienced professionals.

Scentwork Trainer Subscription Scheme

You know how hard you’ve worked to get where you are. You know the hours of study, the time spent practising and the days spent striving to be the best trainer you can be. You know how much your clients love and value your efforts, your dedication, and how much they rely on you to be a shoulder to cry on and a friend to celebrate their successes. Someone who is there through the cute times, and the stinky times, the hard times and the surprising times.

Dog training can be a very lonely business. Many of us run our businesses alone, but think how much more supported you would feel being part of a network of likeminded trainers? And think about how confident your clients would feel to discover that you are part of a long established, reputable, forward thinking company. One glance at your website and they’d see our logo, see your affiliation to Talking Dogs Scentwork®. In that instant they would know that they were in great hands.

Masterclass - Indications

Learning to talk dog is crucial to scentwork, and to all aspects of our lives with dogs. Misunderstanding that ‘guilty’ look, or not recognising when you dog is scared has real life impacts on your relationship with your dog.

Scentwork is no different. All too often I hear handlers saying that they can’t see their dog’s indications. They can’t spot when the dog has found the target scent. This leaves the dogs unsupported and the handlers frustrated.

Whether your dog gives a passive or an active indication, not being able to respond appropriately to what your dog is telling you can result in the dog shutting down the conversation, shutting down the scentwork game and shutting you out. I will show you how to identify which signals are and are not indications, how to distinguish interest and investigation from indication and because every dog is an individual, understand how to tailor your behaviour to support different dogs.

Masterclass - SAS Handling Skills

“I don’t want to let my dog down.” I can’t tell you how often I hear handlers saying this.

Not knowing where to go or getting in your dog’s way, interrupting the dog when she’s working, or not knowing what to do when she asks for help are common handler concerns. And rightly so. Handlers can make or break a search and understanding how and why is the difference between just being your dog’s chauffeur and being her team mate.

I believe that the role of the handler is too often under-estimated, to the detriment of the dog and the search. That feeling of euphoria when you come out from a search and you know you’ve done a great job is addictive. Knowing that you’ve truly worked with your dog, that you have searched the area together, team mates working in harmony with each other, that’s why I love scentwork. And that’s why you’ll love this course.

Accredited Handler Certification

Talking Dogs Scentwork® Handler Accreditation is designed to give handlers a benchmark achievement, a certificate to show just how much you have learned about scentwork. As you go through your scentwork journey, you often do not realise just how many skills and how much knowledge you are acquiring along the way. Having the confidence to know that you are doing great job, that you are looking after your canine teammate and that you are both loving and thriving throughout the process is the best feeling in the world. And that’s what achieving this accreditation gives you.


Pro-Trainer Bundle

Want to be the best scentwork trainer you can be? Of course you do!

Sign up for my Pro-Trainer bundle to get access all areas on my Pro-Track Courses and save a huge £138!

This bundle will expand your knowledge, increase your understanding and enhance your training skills.

You can do these courses in any order you like, but I’ll promise you right now, you will go back to them all again and again. They are packed full of so much rich information, that one viewing will never be enough.

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