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Ettie is ready for 2022

New for you in 2022

Eek, I know! I’m operating at least a week behind everybody else. Last year was so wild for me on the home front. Now I’m in my new place, happy and settled, it’s taking me some time to get back into the rhythm of work. But don’t despair, I’m here!

Coming up . . .

New for scentwork trainers

My head is buzzing with ideas. Now comes the tricky part of sorting them out, honing them and then making them available to you. I’m working on new resources for scentwork trainers, that can also be used by non trainers as inspiration. I’ve a new course, downloadable resources and fresh opportunities in the pipeline for aspiring scentwork trainers. 

New interactive courses

I’m also working on a really exciting course (which may become more than one course in time) for non-trainers. Given the ongoing Covid situation, I want to make it easier to feel supported as you learn new scentwork skills. Both peer support and direct interaction with me as part of online training is what I’m working on. I don’t want to say too much at this stage as it morphs in to and out of different formats as I develop the idea. But safe to say, you and your dog are front and centre of my mind as I make this new course. 

Scentwork starter kit catnip mouse
TDS Official Scentwork Starter Kit, with mouse

I’m updating the website, looking at new ideas and generally being way busier behind the scenes than it appears. I’ve also been posting out lots of orders. The coveted TDS Scentwork Starter Kits (with mice) are dwindling fast. I only have 15 left. Luckily, my online courses aren’t running out. I’m loving the wave of new sign-ups, particularly to my most popular course Teach your dog to sniff! and the Puppy Scentwork course. This means that lots of new dogs and their people are just starting out on their scentwork journeys. And that is my favourite thing, I’m so excited for them. 

So, apologies again for the lull in output. It’s all coming, just give me time. Continue to enjoy the online courses, the in person training if you’re lucky enough to be close to one of my Elite TDS Trainers. And keep having fun with your scentwork partner. You’re going to want to be up to speed when the new stuff lands! Til then, happy sniffing!  

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