dog waiting for routine hometime

Routine v reliability

People often say that dogs love routine. But I disagree. Routine is boring. Humdrum. The same walks at the same time every day can be tedious for all concerned. I see folks walking their dogs past my window at the same times every day. (I also see horses being ridden past the window at the …

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banish stress, be more dog, win-win


Over the last few weeks I’ve been making a new website. And as much as I’m excited to have a new site that will serve visitors better, it’s not been easy. I’ve embarrassed to say how many hours I’ve been spending working on it. But like many things, nothing stands alone. This page links to …

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can't learn online

You can’t learn dog training online – Or can you?

I’ve heard this a few times, most recently just a few weeks ago. And it got me thinking about how I learned about dog training. The vast majority of my learning experience has been reading, listening and watching. Dog training is a physical and practical activity. You have to work with dogs, and with people …

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