How to become a Talking Dogs scentwork® accredited handler

Once you have completed Scent 1-5 and/or completed the online courses Teach your dog to sniff, Scentwork skills, Baggage searches and Increasing the challenge (more cost effective to enrol on the Super Sniffer Bundle),  you can apply for Scent 6 - Test day. Please note that applicants must be a member of our club (join here)

Throughout the day you and your dog will participate in a series of blind searches. Teams will be assessed on a number of areas including handling skills, area coverage, strength of indication and teamwork. A maximum of 6 handlers will attend each Scent 6.

Candidates are encouraged to practise hard before signing up for Scent 6. All previous workshops can be repeated as often as required before and after Scent 6. I especially urge teams who have come through the online route to attend a Scent 5 or some practise sessions with an AT before signing up for Scent 6. Those candidates who are unsuccessful can apply for future Scent 6 days at a reduced price a maximum of twice more. Candidates who do not reach accreditation standard after 3 attempts will be charged at the full rate on future test days.

Benefits of Accreditation

Candidates get detailed feedback on each of their Scent 6 searches

Accredited Handlers will be eligible to apply for Accredited Trainer status. They will also have access to Accredited Handler merchandise and workshops for S6 handlers.


Scent 6 - £60

Big news!

I know that in the current climate, attending in-person workshops is difficult. But not to worry. You can now apply and sit your Scent 6 Handler Accreditation assessment online. So no matter where you are in the country or in the world, you too have the opportunity of joining the ranks of Talking Dogs Scentwork® Accredited Handlers.

To find out more or to apply, just click the pic. 

Our first group of Accredited Handlers - 23rd May 2012

L-R: Pen Sensky, Sarah Dennis, Sally Talbot, Janet Beaney-Smith, Angela Gourd

Our second group of Accredited Handlers - 17th Sept 2012 (photo not available)

L-R: Lesley McAllister, Ali Rowbotham, Becky Skelhon, Jennie Arnold

Talking Dogs Scentwork® is a registered trademark

Our third group of Accredited Handlers - 19th Sept 2013

L-R: Allyson Tohme, Barb Conlon & Helen Greenley

Also gaining their accreditation are Kim Hampsheir and Lorraine Fox, ably assisted by Ted and Bertie (pictured below)

Our fourth group of Accredited Handlers - 20th Sept 2013

L-R: Sue Jones, Daren Freckleton, Jane Crabb, Kerstin Dimond & Karen Backhouse

Below: Leisl de Lafontaine 

Our fifth group of Accredited Handlers - 29th Jan 2014

L-R: Bev Boardman, Si Boardman, Catherine Brown, Julie Bedford & Jenny McKenna

Below: Linzi Follett 

Our sixth group of Accredited Handlers - 13th Feb 2014

L-R: Michelle McDonald, Natasha Scott, Alison Mercer, Steve Argent

Below: Chris Mancini

Not pictured: Clare Harrison

Our seventh group of Accredited Handlers - 26th Feb 2014

L-R: Brenda Hooper, Linda Shearman, Tamsin Durston, Elinore Vickery

Our eighth pair of Accredited Handlers - 5th Nov 2014

Dr. Morag Heirs and Cath Schofield

Our ninth pair of Accredited Handlers - 12th Nov 2014

Kym Swan and Emily Murdoch

Sam and Adam Swanson

Our tenth group of Accredited Handlers, and the first S6 in York - 10th Jan 2015

Sally Smith, Sue Pickering, Bev Moore

Becky Nurse, Michelle Elkin, Merica Fuard

Our eleventh group of Accredited Handlers, and the second S6 in York - 11th Jan 2015

Emma Cogger, Jane Taylor, Emily Clarke, Jill Jones

Naomi Hillman, Stephanie Welsh, Jayne Crowther


Our twelfth group of Accredited Handlers, and our first S6 in Lewknor, Oxon - 29th May 2015

Jan Rawlinson, Sue Spencer, Anette Jepson, Tracey Summers

Pictured with TDS AT Helen Greenley - these are the first teams she has taken through all the way from S1 - S6.

Congratulations all round!

There was nothing unlucky about being our thirteenth group to go for their accreditation. This was our first S6 on the Isle of Mull and all were successful. 

15th July 2015

Jen Swift, Eve Coles, Fiona McLean, Moira Owers, Sue Dewar

Congratulations to our our fourteenth group. - 23rd July 2015

Roxanne McDonald, Sam & Ben Savory, Dee Clements, Elaine Brown, Kevin Feaver

Congratulations to our our fifteenth group, who qualified on  28th November 2015.

Rach Birt, Amy Townsend, Elliot Connor, Helen Heffron, Kylie Burch

Congratulations to our our seventeenth group, who qualified on  16th July 2016.

Bev Smith, Lyn Dobson, Hannah Wright, Lynn Hewison, Susan McKeon

Congratulations to our our sixteenth group, who qualified on  13th July 2016.

Anthony Britner, Robert Miemczyk, Kirsty Corsar, Nicky McClymont, Janet Taylor, Barbara Weir

Congratulations to our our eighteenth & nineteenth groups,

who qualified on 8th & 9th October 2016.

Amanda Jones, Ann Fawcett, Wendy Keefer & Maria Williams

Congratulations to our our 20th group!

This not only marks a landmark in being our 20th group but they are also

the first group to be accredited by our AT Sally Talbot.

This special group qualified on 25th October 2016.

Beverley Walladge, Emma Bowyer, Lisa Waterman & Heather Preston.

Congratulations to our our 21st group and our 100th AH! 27th Oct 2016

Back row: Chloe Anderson and Carolyn Fry

Front row: Nicole Harris, Fiona Patterson, Ali Davies and Penny Downing

12th January 2017 Congratulations to our our 22nd group.

L-R: Kristina Peters, Helen Cottrell, Amie Matthews, Sian Ryan, Eleanor Atkinson, Caroline Bennett

6th May 2017 Congratulations to our our 24th group.

L-R: Sharon Edwards, Elin Iversen, Aidan Cowan, Stephen Laidlow,

Leanne Warren, Leanne Ward

25 & 26th May 2017 Congratulations to our our 25th group.

L-R:  Jackie Heckford, Jane Shillingford, Sarah Turner

16th February 2017 Congratulations to our our 23rd group.

L-R: Hannah Plant, Nicci Kenny & Britt Rosendahl

26th August 2017 Congratulations to our our 26th group.

L-R:  Karen Davies, Megan Adams, Debbie Cooper, Lissa Baylis, Coral Waggott and Sarah Turner

27th August 2017 Congratulations to our our 27th group.

L-R:  Claire Andrews, Carol Northcott, Rachel Owers, Linda Salmon, Angela Reynolds & Ellen Ashford

19th November 2017 Congratulations to our our 28th group.

L-R:  Heather Roberts, Veronica Hanson, Sian Baxter, Rachael Wherry, Lynda Salmon & Lindsey Collins

15th December 2017 Congratulations to our our 29th group.

L-R:  Deborah Colella, Susi Colclough and Louise Bater

27th January 2018 Congratulations to our our 30th group.

Back row L-R:  Carly Lucas, Kim Kaye and Gary Notley

Front: Pauline King (& Luther - still sniffing!)

8th March 2018 Congratulations to our 144th Accredited Handler

Jeanette Goddard (with Poppy)

18th March 2018 Congratulations to our 32nd group

Denise Pile and Alison Yeo

27th April 2018 Congratulations to our 33rd group

Emma Clark, Emma Gowler, Ally Lane and Rosemary Foot

24th May 2018 Congratulations to our 34th group

Sue Dodd and Candy Francis

29th May 2018 Congratulations to our 34th group

Suzanne Robertson and Janet Rowbotham

31st August 2018 Congratulations to our 35th group

Jo Roberts, Gaynor Benson, Hannah Denning, Sue Smith & Lou Ellis

31st August 2018 Congratulations to our 36th pair

Liz Cox and Helen Stone

28th September 2018 Congratulations to our 37th group

Beverley Bottomley, Fiona Ive and Jo Eltzeroth

6th January 2019 Congratulations to our 38th group

Tiena Shiraishi, Gerry Moss and Anita Neal

4th August 2019 Congratulations to our 39th group

Laura Pacey, Lucy Aust, Emily Ellis, Allyson Tohme and Tessa Halling

18th October 2019 Congratulations to our 40th group

Jan Smith, Pat Robinson & Jim Robinson

1st December 2019 Congratulations to our 41st group

Trish Godfrey, Lynda Badcock & Di Wild

4th January 2020 Congratulations to our 42nd group

Zoe Weatherup (photo of her teammate Bramble) , & Claudia Thielke

1st February 2020 Congratulations to our 43rd group

Jackie Smallwood, Sarah Barker, Emma Curry, Mandy Jones and Wendy Nordmann