Month: August 2020

hiding from feedback

Feedback phobia

I’ve never been comfortable asking for feedback. On one hand I worry that folks think I’m asking for praise – and for a good Scots lass this goes completely against the grain. ‘Aye, it’s OK’ is high praise where I come from. So the thought of asking for more detailed feedback smacks of being ‘showy-offy’ …

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Management of Ettie with her friend Pan

Miss Management

Management is the poor cousin of training and behaviour modification. It’s only when it is missing that the spotlight starts to turn on this critical element. From the earliest stages in training, helping pups to learn in class, good trainers know to create a calm atmosphere. An environment full of noise and movement is not …

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support skill down

Support Skills

When I was training to be a detector dog handler we didn’t teach any obedience-type support skills. No sit, no down, come or drop. It was thought that if the dog was being asked to do something specific that she would do that to the detriment of her detection work. The classic example was walking …

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too much makes Ella hid under her blanket

Too much, too soon

I love the idea of dog camps. Events where you can either try out all sorts of different activities or concentrate on one over a number of days. But when I see scentwork events where the dog is being asked to chop and change from session to session or day to day, it makes my …

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