Month: June 2020

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Real life

Half asleep, I open one groggy eye to see Ettie’s every adorable little face beaming at me, willing me to wake up. I smile back, vaguely aware of something else on the bed. She looks down and as I follow her gaze, I see that she had brought me some treasure. A dead mouse. So …

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first season with her sisters

Bye bye puppyhood

Lockdown has thrown up some interesting challenges for Ettie. Like everyone who has been bringing up a puppy during the pandemic, I’ve been concerned about her future behaviour. Raising a pup in normal times is a big enough responsibility. Working with additional restrictions and demands can be challenging. Outcomes though haven’t necessarily corresponded with predictions, …

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banish stress, be more dog, win-win


Over the last few weeks I’ve been making a new website. And as much as I’m excited to have a new site that will serve visitors better, it’s not been easy. I’ve embarrassed to say how many hours I’ve been spending working on it. But like many things, nothing stands alone. This page links to …

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