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Leisl with her cocker spaniels Muppet & Krumble

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Leisl became our second Accredited Trainer in Spring of 2014. Most weekends Leisl and cocker spaniels Muppet and Krumble can be found doing some sort of dog activity albeit TD Scentwork®, Rally, basic Agility, Clicker Training or something more academic, TTouch, Dog Law or Canine First Aid workshops.  Leisl gained her Microchipping qualification and has represented Pets As Therapy at Crufts for many years.  In 2010 Muppet won the PAT Dog of the Year and was presented in front of nearly 10,000 people at Crufts.  Leisl is an Approved Examiner for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, having tested over 400 dogs to date. Krumble arrived in 2010. Described as “the brains of the operation” and constantly on the go, she is also a registered PAT Dog. Leisl and Krumble started their sniffing journey in 2012 when it became apparent that Krumble was under stimulated, bored and destructive.  They signed up for a Talking Dogs Scentwork® workshop and, as they say, the rest was history!

Please note: Leisl is not currently taking any bookings for new workshops

Leisl is based in Wiltshire so is ideally situated for workshops

throughout the South West and Wales.




Having previously worked with dogs, horses, cattle (and one goat!), Alison was brought back into the world of animals through Bob, a very lively, nosey Springer X Labrador. Adopted at 9 months old, working with this highly driven boy led her to become an assistant at a local dog training club, a fully qualified Search and Rescue Dog Handler and then a TD Scentwork© addict. With a background in training and education, Alison was naturally drawn to the joys of passing on knowledge and skills, enabling people to enjoy building good relationships with their dogs. As well as assisting with puppy and dog training classes for 5 years, she volunteers time at a rescue, has been providing one-to-one pet dog training for a couple of years and been active in working and training Search and Rescue dogs for over five years. When Alison adopted a nervous young Pointer X Labrador named Peg she immediately started using scentwork to build trust and confidence with her. Alison writes, “The world of scent is endlessly fascinating to me and enriches my dogs’ lives in a way no other activity can.  It’s beneficial to dogs and owners at any stage of their lives together and I’m delighted to be in a position to pass that on to others.”

Alison became an Accredited Trainer in February 2016.

Alison can be contacted by phone: 07555 294294 or

email: or through her website

Alison is based in Lynton, Devon so is ideally situated for workshops in

West Somerset, Devon & Cornwall


Naomi says ‘I became addicted to TD Scentwork® several years ago after attending the workshops with both my late bullmastiff cross, Austin and lively terrier Ringo (the workshops were so good I did them twice!) and was fascinated by the way that two, such totally different dogs, who worked in such different ways could both succeed. Out of all of the things I’ve done with my dogs, TDS has given me the strongest feeling of working together as a team and I got so much enjoyment out of watching other human-canine partnerships develop the same bond and get the same buzz, that once I qualified as an Accredited Handler I began assisting at a range of workshops with the intention of combining my passion for scentwork with the skills I’ve  developed through my career as a teacher’ Naomi currently works as a secondary school teacher so holds QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). ‘Watching the look that passes between dog and human when the dog “finds it” is as addictive as doing scentwork myself and I want to make that happen more! I currently share my life with three canine companions, two rescue terriers – Ringo and Dusty AKA “Team Small” and a German Shepherd, Rosie. I have fostered a range of dogs of all ages and breeds and assisted at a variety of training classes and enjoy continually developing my knowledge of all things dog by attending a range of seminars, courses and workshops.’

Naomi became an Accredited Trainer in February 2016.

Naomi can be contacted by phone: 07833 478211 or


Naomi is based in Cumbria so is ideally situated for workshops

throughout the North.

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Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire - Nicole Harris

West Somerset, Devon & Cornwall - Alison Mercer


Louise Bater is a fully assessed and accredited member of the APDT, UK and ABTC with many years’ experience of reward based dog training and instructing. Louise owns four dogs and has trained and competed in a variety of disciplines including Flyball, Canicross, Agility and Hoopers over the past 10 years. Louise runs Happiest Hounds Dog Training based in Harlow and East Hertfordshire teaching private training lessons and puppy Life Skills classes as well as fun classes for adult dogs including Hoopers.  Louise also teaches at Developing Dogs in Ely, Cambs.

Louise and her Eurasier Wilma have taken part in trick training demos at a number of village shows and fetes as well as at Crufts and Discover Dogs. Louise was part of the training team on the BBC2 TV show Me and My Dog: The Ultimate Contest aired in April 2017 presented by Chris Packham and Sian Ryan.

Louise’s goal is to help owners have an easier and enjoyable life with their dogs and for their dogs to be the Happiest Hounds Around!

Lou became an Accredited Trainer in 2018.

Lou can be contacted by phone on: 07940 897246

email: or through her website

Lou offers: Our core workshops,

plus weekly classes at 7pm on Wednesday at Hunsdon Village Hall, nr Ware, Herts

Lou is based in Harlow so is ideally situated for workshops

in Essex, East Hertfordshire and the South East.


Nicole began her Scentwork journey in October 2014 when her Golden Retriever, Cammy, was just 4 months old.  After just one workshop she was hooked and has been attending Talking Dogs Scentwork® workshops ever since, becoming an accredited handler in October 2016. 

Nicole provides a range of group training and private training sessions for puppies and dogs of all ages and abilities across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.  She is the Regional manager for Puppy School in the Surrey area, a member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and an Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) registered practitioner.

Nicole is thrilled to now have the opportunity to pass the scentwork ‘bug’ on to others and inspire owners to engage in one of the most rewarding activities with their dog.

Nicole became an Accredited Trainer in 2018.

Nicole can be contacted by phone on: 07989 265522

email: or through her website

Nicole is based in Farnborough so is ideally situated for workshops

in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire. 


I started assisting at local training classes 4 years ago having attended them for several years with my 2 rescue lurchers, and progressed to became a full member of the IMDT in 2016. I first came across TD Scentwork® in 2015 while looking for a suitable activity for my late lurcher, an anxious boy not comfortable around other dogs. I was hooked from my first workshop, as being able to start off without other dogs present allowed him to relax and focus completely on his searches, something he wasn’t often able to experience outside the house. We worked our way through all the workshops, and after becoming an accredited handler team at the start of 2017, I started assisting at workshops. I love watching other teams working, seeing handlers learn to listen to and support their dogs and build their relationship. In March 2018 I brought home a smooth collie puppy, Newton, and am looking forward to a future full of sniffing with him.

Ellie became an Accredited Trainer in 2018.

Ellie can be contacted by phone on: 07891 140960

email: or through her website:

Ellie is based in Bury St. Edmunds so is ideally situated for workshops

in Norfolk and Suffolk. 


I have worked with dogs since starting at a boarding kennels in 2002, I stayed for ten years and worked my way up to manager. When new owners took over and the dogs stopped being the first priority I left to start up my own dog walking business. 

I have always enjoyed training my own dogs and I have attended many courses over the years. My scentwork journey began when I saw an advert for an Introduction to Scentwork day which was local to me in November 2016. This led to me discovering Talking Dogs Scentwork® and I attended my first workshop with my Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Kaiden, in March 2017. I was totally hooked from that day.

I now teach classes in Biggleswade alongside continuing with my walking business. My passion is scentwork and I love to promote the huge benefits it can have for our dogs. I will never stop being fascinated by just amazing our dog's noses are. I particularly love how Talking Dogs Scentwork® is all inclusive, any dog can have fun with it and it helps to build the dog/handler relationship resulting in great teamwork.

Carly became an Accredited Trainer in 2018.

Carly can be contacted by phone on: 07944 705789

email: or through her website

Carly is based in Bedfordshire so is ideally situated for workshops

in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.


Lindsey is a self-confessed TD Scentwork® addict, having been introduced to it in 2016 as a means of providing mental stimulation for one of her working cocker spaniels, Seth who had always struggled to settle and to feel comfortable, especially in group settings. Seth is now a sniffing super star and loves to search, always wanting all of the turns no matter how many other people or dogs are present. He has been the perfect team member for Lindsey to work through all of the TD Scentwork® levels. TD Scentwork® has helped to create a strong bond between Lindsey and Seth and now her youngest dog, Arthur is developing his sniffing skills, too. Her old boy, Charlie leaves the formal sniffing to Seth, Arthur and Stanley, preferring to go for a run in the woods and sniff for wildlife instead!

Lindsey currently works as a Dementia Care Consultant and Trainer and a Speech and Language Therapist. She has extensive experience in supporting humans to learn and develop their skills and is fascinated by communication and interactions between humans and their canine companions and how these can be used to enhance the well-being of both parties. Lindsey also has experience of a range of other canine activities including agility and cani-cross.

Joining together a love for supporting learning, for dogs and for TD Scentwork®, Lindsey became an Accredited Trainer in September 2018.

Lindsey can be contacted by phone on: 07958 001688


Lindsey is based in North Yorkshire so is ideally situated for workshops

throughout Northern England.


Liz is an experienced registered veterinary nurse with a Masters in Animal Behaviour and Welfare.  She came across scentwork when searching for an activity that her elderly dog with mobility problems could learn and enjoy. Liz is passionate about dogs and their welfare.  She is embarking on a new adventure which will allow her to use her skills to enrich the lives of pet dogs. This entails Liz teaching scentwork to dogs while their owners are at work. The dogs come home with new skills having had first class scent training, a very positive way to spend their day. This does mean that while she may host AT colleagues, Liz will not be teaching our regular workshops at this time.

Liz became an Accredited Trainer in September 2018.

Contact Liz on 07702 708191 or at:


Liz is based in Surrey but is not currently available to teach workshops.